Not just another “boring” drilling contractor.


Cariboo Water Wells satisfies the thirst for superior drilling services in Western Canada. A versatile drilling contractor, Cariboo’s experienced crews can meet a wide range of drilling requirements.

We provide skilled groundwater drilling, as well as pump and well installations and repairs for domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. Our cutting-edge, highly capable equipment allows us to create wells as wide as 12 inches in diameter, and more than 500’ deep.

  • Do you need a pump-operated system, or can you access an artesian water source?
  • Will your well rest in sand, gravel, or bedrock?
  • Do you require minimal-impact hole boring at an environmentally-sensitive site?
  • Are you sampling the substrate for development potential or mineral exploration?
  • Do you have an existing unusable well that needs to be reestablished or decommissioned?

Our highly-trained drilling professionals have done it all!

Reliable. Safe. Professional. We work in all weather conditions, from simple jobs to complex undertakings.

At Cariboo Water Wells, we provide deep-access solutions for all of our residential, resource-based, institutional, and business customers.

We specialize in:

  • Artesian Wells
  • All-Season Drilling
  • Environmental Drilling

Tap into Cariboo’s expertise to get the most from your well.

There are many variables that affect the success of a well: water quality, flow rate, soil composition, usage, and location can all have an influence. Additionally, provincial safety regulations might limit where a well can be drilled. Our professional, licensed well drillers can help you determine your best options for a lasting and productive water solution.

Residential Water Well Drilling Services

Many Cariboo Water Wells customers live in remote locations, where linking to a municipal water service is impossible. An efficient domestic well is a true asset: it is a cost-effective way to provide your family and your property with a reliable water source.

How does well service add value to your home, farm, or development?

Clean drinking water. Consistent irrigation. Ready access to uncontaminated groundwater. Ensure that the quality and quantity of your water measures up to your expectations.

Whether you have a challenging site, multiple buildings to service, or complex sedimentary issues, the highly qualified team at Cariboo can help you resolve your groundwater system concerns.

Our licensed, experienced residential drilling professionals offer:

  • Residential well drilling and construction
  • Farm/ranch water supply system design
  • Irrigation supply wells
  • Artesian well drilling and control
  • Monitoring wells
  • Slope indicator installation
  • Well inspections, maintenance, and repair
  • Well rehabilitation and remediation
  • Well closure and decommissioning
  • Well screen design and installation
  • Pump design/installation/service
  • Groundwater water licensing and permit assistance
  • Air and mud rotary drilling
  • All-season drilling

Commercial Drilling Services

Cariboo Water Wells has earned a reputation as a highly-respected commercial drilling services provider. Our capabilities are wide-ranging to meet the needs of clients in the construction, mining, oil and gas, and municipal services industries. With comprehensive knowledge and the utmost professionalism, we offer geotechnical support, dewatering, irrigation, well screen installation, instrument setting, and more.

Exploration. Large production well development. Environmental work. Engineering solutions. Cariboo drilling helps businesses succeed.

At Cariboo, we employ the latest well drilling technology and practices to help every customer maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Whatever the scope of work, our innovative and efficient drilling operations will surpass expectations.

We meet or exceed all industry best-practice standards for:

  • Commercial supply well drilling and construction
  • Geotechnical/environmental drilling and soil exploration
  • Industrial drilling (mining, oil, and gas)
  • Dewatering
  • High-capacity water supply system design
  • Irrigation supply wells
  • Monitoring wells
  • Slope indicator installation
  • Well and seal inspections, maintenance, and repair
  • Well screen design and installation
  • Well rehabilitation and remediation
  • Well closure and decommissioning
  • Pump design/installation/service
  • Air and mud rotary drilling
  • All-season drilling

Well Drilling Equipment

Cariboo maintains a dedicated fleet of the region’s most modern well drilling and water service machines. This industry-leading technology is designed to have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We ensure that all equipment is in excellent condition at all times. Unlike many of our competitors, Cariboo’s machinery can be used under any conditions, allowing us to drill in every season.

Our fleet includes:

2 Ingersoll Rand TH60 Air Rotary Drilling Rigs, Equipped with Casing Hammers
These machines allow for the most modern methods of deep and/or large diameter borehole drilling in overburdens and hard or soft rock formations. With this system, we can safely and efficiently remove drill cuttings from the borehole without contamination. Rotary drilling is versatile and environmentally sensitive, and can be adapted to multiple ground conditions. In some cases, the surplus material can be reused in other applications within the project.

2 Service Vehicles

Our well-equipped support trucks carry tools, materials and supplies, as well as high-capacity water tanks. They are also designed for pump and pipe transport, so that most well drilling and repair materials can be onsite when they are needed, making the job run smoothly.

Specialized Equipment

Some jobs offer unique challenges with terrain, location, or stability. Cariboo is ready with the most appropriate tools for the job. Our DTH Hammers, grout pump, casing jacks, and more are ready whenever we need them, so that we can perform the task efficiently and accurately, every time.

All-Season Tools

The Cariboo team can work in any weather. In addition to blades, bits, and shoes specifically adapted to hard-material drilling, our winter-specific equipment includes power generators, heaters, and arctic-grade machinery lubricants.